To all of you who have signed up, THANK YOU! For whatever reasons, the number of our volunteers has dropped significantly this year. Last year we had 26 volunteers as compared to 11 so far this year.


The chart in the March Newsletter outlines where we need help. That has not changed! If we canít fill these jobs with our Club members we will either have to use volunteers from other Clubs or not fill those positions.


One area where we do need Club Members is the Club Booth. Generally this isnít a problem. How much of a problem is hard to say, because there are usually people who arenít signed up but drift in to help. Be aware that we may need assistance and donít hesitate to stop and help out even if you havenít signed up.


Iíll have the signup sheets at the March Board Meeting and the April General Meeting. If you canít make the Meetings but would like to volunteer, send me an e-mail at robertw245@comcast.net. The deadline for signing up is April l 2nd--- however if there are some extenuating circumstances let me know!


Bob Heckel