The Puget Sound Region #18 of the Early Ford Club of America was started in 1969 by Bill Steil  from an idea that came to him as he sat at his kitchen table. After applying to the National Club we were given RG number 18, then we incorporated with the State of Washington as a non profit organization. Regional Group numbers are now near 150 so you can see we are one of the older groups in existence.

President – Dave White
Vice-President – Paul Keller
425-418-0587 email
Secretary – Mark Keenholts
206-546-9097 email

Treasurer-Mike Rees

Parliamentarian-Ron Costello
206 550 4370 email

2018 Directors
Dave Ellis 360-403-3298 email
Chris Knudsen 425-788-5747 email
Bob Merz
Terry Nicholson
Elmo Lewis

Scott Keenholts 206-510-8741 email
Dave Hoffman 425-778-6548 email

Newsletter – Scott Jenkins 206-778-9097 editor@efv8psrg.org
Sunshine– DickJauch 360-387-1580 richard.jauch@frontier.com
Program Coordinators Paul Keller

Web Site www.efv8psrg.org Web Master- Ray Bunn
Summer – 360-422-7314
Winter – 760-636-1148
Cell 206-979-1752

Committee Chairs Advertising – Guy Generaux 206-423-7563 Guy.G@journal-newspapers.com
Activities Coordinator – Bruce Anderson 425-226-5505 andersonb8@comcast.net
Fall Banquet -Carol Keenholts 206-546-9097

Annual Early Ford V-8 CarShow and Picnic – Mark Keenholts Chairman 206 546-9097 mkeenholts@frontier.com Bill Meade Assistant Chairman 206-789-5534 meade_6@yahoo. com

Historian – Rick Mann 425-481-0544 rimarija@aol.com
Librarian-Rick Mann 425-481-0544 rimarija@aol.com
Membership/Rosters-Guy Generaux 206-423-7563 Guy.G@journal-newspapers.com
Meeting Raffle-Dick Jauch 360-387-1580richard.jauch@frontier.com
Refreshments – Ken Stobbe 425-33792 kenstobbe@frontier.com
Sunshine-Dick Jauch 360-387-1580 richard.jauch@frontier.com
PSRG Summer Picnic-Elmo and Bev Lewis 425-888-2118 bevelmo@comcast.net

Swap Meet-Chris Knudsen
Tours – Gary Duff 206-284-1613
Tour of The Year – Guy Generaux 206-423-7563 Guy.G@journal-newspapers.com
Welcome – Guy Generaux 206-423-7563 Guy.G@journal-newspapers.com