Club Formation – 1969

In San Leandro, California, in 1963, a group of early Ford V8 enthusiasts began holding monthly meetings of the Early Ford V8 Club.  After the incorporation of the national club in 1966, they became known as the Golden Gate Charter Regional Group #1, EFV8CA.  This opened the path for other regional group formations.  An Ohio regional group and the Western New York Early Ford V8 Club in Rochester, NY became the 2nd and 3rd regional clubs chartered by the national club in February 1966.  Regional group #2, the first Ohio group, has since folded.  A bit of early national club history can be found at the following site : Early Ford V8 Club History.

In 1969, Bill Steil initiated the formation of the Early Ford V8 Club – Puget Sound Regional Group (EFV8PSRG).  Following is his initial letter to the National EFV8 Club requesting formation and the minutes of the national club which accepted that request.  In addition, we have added a 1969 trivia page that may help place this club’s formation into an historical perspective.

Petition for PSRG Formation of the EFV8 Club – ~April 1969

EFV8 Club Meeting Minutes Accepting the PSRG – May 25, 1969

PSRG Trivia Page for 1969